4 Weeks to Your Kids Eating Broccoli (Vegetables)!
One simple step each week will have your kids eating healthier for a lifetime
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Never Struggle Around the Dinner Table Again!
What if I told you that having your family eat healthier doesn't have to be a struggle?
Is it possible that your kids will ASK for their favorite vegetables over and over again?
Less frustration at the dinner table
Imagine an easeful and relaxing experience at the dinner table while your kids are eating healthy foods. 

You will learn techniques and tactics to create a relaxed eating environment for everyone.
Know you are doing your best for your kids
I have tried them ALL! Yes...every idea, opinion, and HACK to achieving what I truly want...and none of them ever worked. 

The 'Old School' is the 'New School'. 

Now let me guide through the 'How-to' of making effective and lasting change.
But... will it really work?
That is the Question. 
Tricks and games are so passe. What I have discovered in the past several years is what it takes to create lasting change ...while having measurable RESULTS. 

This guide will walk you through the transitions and give you the tools to measure your real results
Get your FREE Video Training on "How-to" implement The 4 Week To Your Kids Eating Broccoli Guide and start getting RESULTS!
I have been sharing The 4 Weeks to Your Kids Eating Broccoli  guide privately with many clients and the outcomes have been tremendous. 
This system works...if you 'Do The Work!'  
Just remember...nothing changes...if you don't change. 
Less Frustruation
 Simple Steps
 Have Measurable RESULTS
Tips to retarget your efforts
 ...is just the beginning. 

Hi I’m Dr. Brad Ellisor, I’m also known as The Trusted Health Adviser. 

 For the longest time I had trouble getting my kids to sit at the table and eat broccoli and the other healthy vegetables that my wife and I prepared for them. It was always a struggle to get them to sit and finish their healthy meals without complaining and bargaining. 

 What I discovered, through a lot of trial and error, was that when I did these few simple strategies, that I outline in the guide, it became effortless. The kids were healthier, we were happier, the dinner table became a peaceful, joyful place for us to gather , enjoy healthy food and hear about each others day, rather than the struggle it had been.

Dr. Brad Ellisor
"The 4-Weeks to Eating Their Vegetables Guide is my secret weapon to success...now it is yours!"
Dr. Brad Ellisor
The Trusted Health Adviser - Kids Eating Broccoli Podcast
  Includes FREE Video Tutorial walk through covering 'How to' efficiently implement The 4 Weeks Guide and start your family on the road to health today!
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